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The breathalyzer is a device which measures the BAC by measuring alcohol in expired air. The breathalyzer is familiarly called balloon because it is necessary to fill a bag of air to get the result. It usually consists of a tube provided with a reagent tip and a plastic bag. Its operation is based on a chemical mechanism. If the level of alcohol in exhaled air exceeds the limit permitted by law, the chemical reagent turns green, indicating that the person can not get behind the wheel. The breathalyser breathalyzer or chemical does not measure the BAC of a person, but whether it is lawful or not. This type of Breathalyzer is disposable and single use. Small footprint it can be taken anywhere.

There are, however, electronic breathalysers have the ability to accurately measure the rate by analyzing the influence of alcohol with a breath sensor. This type of breathalyzer digital LED screen and plastic housing battery operated and can serve as models from 300 to 1000 times.